Message from the CEO

Nousbo Co., Ltd. develops and supplies materials to the agricultural sector, as well as supplying specially designed materials for golf course operators, landscaping, forests, and urban agriculture businesses. We supply general chemical fertilizers, as well as eco-friendly raw materials for use in certified eco-friendly organic materials' while developing and manufacturing proprietary products. In addition, we distribute the proprietary products locally and export our products to overseas.
Nousbo Co., Ltd. has a talented research and development lab conducting various R&D projects internally while carrying out national research projects in cooperation with various research institutes on federal research projects. Through the research, we are committed to developing and producing reliable and best products.
Nousbo Co., Ltd.'s highest priority is to develop and supply products that meet the needs of farmers, since Korean as a nation is making efforts to cultivate competitive agricultural products that can keep up with the globalization of its agricultural industry. Thus, we are committed to the improvement of both the agricultural sector and the city environment.

CEO Greetings

Welcome to Nousbo
Nousbo was founded on the principle that stated, "Agriculture is key to the future in the world." Nousbo has established itself as an innovation leader in the agricultural sector by introducing its first and various top of the line products in Korea with its unique and creative technology.
Since the agricultural market, technology, and customers' needs becoming ever more diverse and rapidly changing, Nousbo is committed to constantly innovating and creating values by continuing its research efforts and listen to customers' voice. Our efforts shall not be in vain and will open a brighter future for those in the agricultural industry. Besides, we will continue to provide customers with the best value and continue to drive customer satisfaction.
Thank you for your continued interest in our company and encouragement, and your continued support.

With customers along the way, we will open a prosperous life and brighter future.