Agricultural Fertilizers


Progress In Agriculture

We are committed to creating a bright future for agriculture and farmers.

Progress In Agriculture

Nousbo, since its foundation in 2007, has been leading the market with its high-quality products and advanced technology with the goal of "Progress in Agriculture."

We either directly development, manufacture and distribute 95% of the products we sell. Some pesticides are manufactured and registered by us and distributed exclusively.

Going forward Nousbo will enhance customer satisfaction based on its strength, differentiated products, and technologies, and will create a bright future for agriculture and farmers alike.

Global Sales Network

Nowadays, Nousbo exports to more than 30 countries on six continents, and we are in the process of registering and exporting products overseas to expand our businesses in more than 50 countries. By introducing competitive products of Nousbo through continuous partner discovery and market development, Nousbo is growing into a truly global company by strengthening our global network.

Our US subsidiary was established in Dallas, Texas to strengthen local sales and marketing. Nousbo established a simultaneous business network between our production base in Korea and the domestic demand in the United States to provide precise and accurate local services, therefore not only strengthening our relationship with existing customers but also expanding our new customer base.

Nousbo Global Sales Network

Leading Frontier

Nousbo produces a variety of high-quality products optimized for domestic soil and crops. Our products are distributed to over 500 agencies nationwide through our nine regional offices in Korea.

We are leading the advancement and globalization of Korean agriculture as the industry-leading frontier by providing many competitive products, including world's first product of its kind, and rapidly reflecting consumer needs.

Leading Frontier