Environmental Management Policy

"Environmental Management Policy"

Nousbo considers environmental preservation and respect for life its core management principle, while striving to do its part in preventing global warming. We also respond positively to climate changes and sustainability issues with business and environmental policies, while setting related goals and comply.

In order to realize the environmental policy, we set ecological goals and strive to drive continuous improvement.
Environmental management goals

"Environmental management goals"

Nousbo deeply recognize the importance and value of environmental preservation and strive to contribute to the sustainable development of society by practicing environment-friendly management activities in all tasks.
  1. Minimize environmental impact by innovating processes to prevent environmental pollution.
  2. Apply and strictly enforce higher standards for compliance with environmental laws and regulations.
  3. Ensure leadership in environmental management through voluntary participation and practice of energy reduction activities to cope with the climate change.
  4. Establish an eco-friendly culture in which all members learn environmental factors throughout the entire work process.
  5. Develop eco-friendly products that are differentiated by continuing efforts in new technologies to solve environmental problems.