Nousbo regards 'business ethics' as a top priority in its corporate activities

Nousbo lives the principle of "Righteous Management." We are committed to being a fair and transparent company in accordance with the highest standards of business ethics. Through its ethical management policies, the company establishes the internal growth goals based on ethical value judgments and decision making of the officers and employees involved. Externally, we seek to increase our value by gaining the confidence of customers and stakeholder while driving sustainable growth.
Nousbo Business Ethics

Ethics Management Charter

  1. We strive to achieve customer respect, customer value, and customer satisfaction.
  2. We maximize corporate value through management innovation and growth strategy based on trust and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  3. Respect each other and pursue continuous win-win management among and between our employees and our partners.
  4. We are a member of Nousbo Co., Ltd. whose mission is to seek a bright future with the utmost self-esteem and pride.
  5. We contribute to the sustainable development of society and the nation by fulfilling our social responsibilities and obligations.