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The Organic Nature of Korea

A company that creates the future with healthy food culture
Nousbo strives to fulfill its vision of ‘Innovative company promoting great-tasting healthy food culture' with the belief that good food comes from the right ingredients and selectivity and sincerity in principle.

Nousbo will focus on its core competence to secure a global competitive advantage in the food sector through continuous technological innovation and by strengthening its manufacturing competitiveness
Organic Tea Farms and Nousbo

The Best Virtuous Cycle

Sustainable virtuous cycle win-win model
Nousbo is manufacturing environment-friendly organic fertilizer and cultivating healthy grown crops while exporting its products all over the world. Through contract cultivation of safely farmed agricultural products, farmers can generate a sustainable and reliable source of income. By exporting healthy crops and processed raw materials to the rest of the world through Nousbo, we are creating a win-win model for healthy food.

Based on our distinctive technology, we are growing into a world-best company in the food sector through the development of special Korean products. K-Food is raising the profile and excellence of healthy Korean food all over the world.
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