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The Superior seed you can trust!

No other supplier understands and appreciates the value of seeds more than Nousbo!

seed you can trust

Nousbo aims to develop seeds that will help farmers enjoy a happy and prosperous future.

In this fast changing and various-patterned modern life, everyone’s appetite and dining trend are constantly changing on a daily basis. Trend being each person is looking for something not only highly nutritious and tasty but also ecofriendly and safe-to-eat foods and beverages.

Nousbo is committed in doing its best, marching together with you in coping up with these kitchen trends and eating habits.

Nousbo is geared towards the improvement of quality of food by supplying eco-friendly and safe farm products, highly nutritious and functional vegetables that will make people healthier with our premium grade seeds at the same time guaranteeing profit to farmers..

As the saying goes, “One seed can conquer the world.”

This one seed contains various information of our hard working on the varieties such as taste, fragrance, mouthfeel, heat-resistance, disease tolerance, and yield.

Since Nousbo knows how to appreciate the value of seeds, we will always be there to support farmers’ lives to be more competitive and nutritious by developing and supplying premium grade seeds and technical support and increase profit as well.

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