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Chinese Kale yield increased by application of Nousbo Controlled Release Fertilizer in Thailand. Research summary



Chinese Kale yield increased by application of Nousbo Controlled Release Fertilizer in Thailand. Research summary



(Summary of the study of Nousbo CRF 26-5-12 effect on Chinese Kale growth and yield performances in Thailand)





With the increasing public concern about human health, environmental protection and sustainability of natural resources, it is essential to develop environmentally friendly fertilizers. CRFs are a good alternative to soluble fertilizer in order to increase nitrogen usage efficiency and minimize nutrient losses in the field environment. Therefore, CRF 26-5-12 was evaluated for its efficacy as one-time application product for complete nutrient supply for Chinese Kale from August to January, 2018-2019 in two locations in Thailand: King Mongut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) field in Bangkok, which is considered as field with low soil fertility, and Chiang Mai University field in Chiang Mai Province, which is considered as field with common soil fertility.






(Kale farm)





Nousbo CRF 26-5-12 is a fertilizer in the form of granules coated with polymer material that can control the rate, pattern and duration of plant nutrient release. For both two locations, the CRF efficiency was evaluated at the rate of 2, 3 and 4 g/plant as a single base fertilizer which is equal to 320 kg/ha, 480 kg/ha and 640 kg/ha respectively, and compared with conventional fertilizer at the rate of 320 kg/ha applied 3 times as top dressing, which equals to 960 kg/ha in total. Data for growth and development was recorded by assessment of the leaf length, leaf weight and yield at harvest. SPAD (soil plant analysis development) chlorophyll meter reading (SCMR) was also recorded. Results are summarized in the following table.





Yield and growth parameters of Chinese Kale affected by various kinds of CRF fertilizers at KMITL and Chiang Mai experimental fields


Treatment Rate of
Rate per
Total fresh weight (g/plant) Leaf weight (g/plant) Leaf length (cm/plant) SCMR (SPAD
meter reading)
KMITL Chiang Mai KMITL Chiang Mai KMITL Chiang Mai KMITL
No fertilizer
none none 0.98 13.30 0.73 10.55 2.56 8.13 23.15
1st Fertilizer
2nd Fertilizer
3rd Fertilizer

total 960kg
27.57 48.65 17.91 38.10 5.98 9.90 41.23
CRF alone
2g/plant 320kg 28.51 63.90 17.88 51.40 6.58 10.51 48.25
CRF alone
3g/plant 480kg 38.18 79.15 26.43 62.35 7.44 12.01 49.40
CRF alone
4g/plant 640kg 40.24 89.50 34.41 67.50 8.04 11.63 51.68





Analysis of growth parameters of Chinese kale showed that fresh weight at harvesting state was higher in all CRFs treated plots compared with conventional fertilizer-treated plots. Total fresh weight values in KMITL were 28.51, 38.18 and 40.24 g/plant for 2, 3 and 4 g/plant CRF treatments, respectively, while the total fresh weight of Chinese kale plants treated with conventional fertilizer was only 27.57 g/plant. The result from Chiang Mai field experiment revealed that the enhanced fresh weight of Chinese kale was recorded for CRF 2, 3 and 4 g/plant treatments. It was also observed, that a significantly higher chlorophyll index can be obtained in all CRF fertilizer treated plots. Similar trends of treatment effects on other Chinese kale yield parameters such as leaf weight and leaf length were recorded as well.






(No fertilizer)       (Conventional fertilizer)         (CRF 2g/plant)                        (CRF 3g/plant)                                (CRF 4g/plant)

[ Yield quality of Chinese kale affected by various kinds of fertilizers ]






The experiment results indicated that single basal application of CRF obviously contributed to a greater supply of soil available nutrient, thus creating a suitable nutritional environment for vigorous growth of Chinese kale, even though all CRF rates used in this experiment contained available N-P-K lower than conventional fertilizer. In addition, among the CRF 2, 3 and 4 g/plant treatments, CRF 4 g/plant treatment showed the best effect on the average fresh weigh of Chinese kale.








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