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Sweet Corn growth and yield enhanced by Nousbo Controlled Release Fertilizer in Thailand. Research summary



Sweet Corn growth and yield enhanced by Nousbo Controlled Release Fertilizer in Thailand. Research summary



(Summary of the study of Nousbo CRF 28-5-10 effect on Sweet Corn growth and yield performances in Thailand)





Use of newly formulated CRFs is a great alternative over conventional fertilizers and can become a substitute due to its ability to provide nutrients in a controlled manner. Nousbo CRF 28-5-10 is a fertilizer in the form of granules coated with polymer material that can control the rate, pattern and duration of plant nutrient release. In this study Nousbo CRF 28-5-10 was evaluated for its efficacy as one-time application product for complete nutrient supply for Sweet Corn from August to January, 2018-2019 in two locations in Thailand: King Mongut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) field in Bangkok, which is considered as field with low soil fertility, and Chiang Mai University field in Chiang Mai Province, which is considered as field with common soil fertility.






(Sweet corn farm)





For both two locations, Nousbo CRF efficiency was evaluated at the rate of 3, 4 and 5 g/plant as a single base fertilizer which is equal to 240 kg/ha, 320 kg/ha and 460 kg/ha respectively, and compared with conventional fertilizer (400 kg/ha of 15-15-15 basal fertilizer plus 400 kg/ha of 46-0-0 side-dressed fertilizer plus 400 kg/ha of 15-15-15 side-dressed fertilizer), which total amount is 1200 kg/ha. Plant height at 15, 30 and 60 days after planting, plant fresh and dry weight, ear weight, length, width, diameter and total ear weight at the harvest were assessed. SPAD (soil plant analysis development) chlorophyll meter reading (SCMR), which indicates chlorophyll density in leaves was also recorded at 15, 30 and 60 days after planting. Results are summarized in the following table and graphs.






Yield and growth parameters of Sweet Corn affected by various kinds of CRF fertilizers at KMITL and Chiang Mai


sweet corn table.JPG






sweet corn chart_03.JPG





Analysis of plant height showed that the biggest plants could be obtained in plots treated with CRF 5g/plant treatment (120cm) followed by CRF 4g/plant (102cm), 3g/plant (83cm) and conventional fertilizer treatments (63cm) in KMITL field and the trend was similar for Chiang Mai experimental field. Moreover, CRF 5 g/plant treatment showed the highest chlorophyll index followed by the CRFs applied at 4 and 3 g/plant application rate and conventional fertilizer treatment. Analysis of the shoot fresh and dry weight of plants in KMITL experimental field showed that both fresh and dry weight production significantly increased in response to controlled release fertilizer application. The trend was similar for shoot dry weight with the highest shoot dry weight detected in response to soil-applied CRF 5 g/plant treatment followed by CRF 4 and 3 g/plant treatments, conventional fertilizer treatment, while control treatment had the lowest production of shoot dry weight. Similar trends of treatment effects on other sweet corn yield parameters such as total ear weight, ear weight without shell, ear width, ear length and ear diameter were found as well.





sweet corn chart_03_02.JPG




From this study it was determined that single basal application of CRFs obviously lead to a greater supply of soil available nutrients, thus creating a favorable nutritional environment for intensive growth of Sweet Corn. In addition, among the CRF 3, 4 and 5g/plant treatment plots, CRF 5g/plant treatment showed the highest result in the average fresh weight, total ear weight, width, length and diameter.








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