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Cabbage growth and yield when treated with Nousbo Controlled Release Fertilizer in Malaysia. Research summary



Cabbage growth and yield when treated with Nousbo Controlled Release Fertilizer in Malaysia. Research summary



(Summary of the study of Nousbo CRF 25-4-8 effect on Cabbage growth and yield performances in Malaysia)





Nousbo CRF 25-4-8 is a kind of fertilizer in the form of granules coated with polymer that can control the rate, pattern and duration of plant nutrient release. CRF 25-4-8 was evaluated for its efficacy as one-time application product for complete nutrient supply for Cabbage from March to July, 2019 in two locations with similar soil properties: MARDI Serdang and MARDI Cameron Highland, Malaysia, in order to determine the effect of Nousbo CRF on the growth and yield of cabbage and to confirm the effective rate of CRF that will produce the highest yield.






(Cabbage farm)





CRF 25-4-8 was tested using the following treatments: Control (without fertilizer), Recommended Rate of Conventional Fertilizer and CRF at 3, 4 and 5 g/plant application rates. Plant height, individual weight of heads, total marketable yield and computed yield were assessed. Results are summarized in the following table.





Yield and growth parameters of Cabbage affected by various kinds of fertilizers in Serdang and Cameron Highland


Cabbage table.JPG





Analysis of plant height revealed that CRF dosages were directly proportional to the plant height. Thus, the tallest plants were obtained in CRF at 5g/plant treatment in both locations and the plants were 9.6% and 18.3% taller relative to conventional fertilizer for Serdang and Cameron Highland experiment, respectively. The results of average head weight showed that all the CRF-treated plots in Serdang produced 35.2%-63.4% heavier heads compared to that of the conventional fertilizer-treated plots with the best result in plots treated with 5g/plant of CRF at the value averaging 1.26 kg/head. In Cameron Highland location plots treated with 4 and 5 grams/plant of CRF showed the highest values of average head weight (1.169 and 1.28 kg/head, respectively). Experiment also revealed that all the plots treated with CRF had significantly heavier marketable yield as compared to the plots treated with conventional fertilizers. In terms of computed yield per hectare, the experiment in Serdang has showed that CRF treated plants at any rate produced from 54.5% to 75.3% higher yield compared to that of the conventional fertilizer treated plants. In the case of the Cameron Highland experiment CRF 5g/plant treatment obtained the highest yield among the treatments at the value of 45.73 tons/hectare.





Cabage result comparison.JPG

(Yield quality of Cabbage affected by various kinds of fertilizers)





Single basal application of Nousbo CRF 25-4-8 apparently lead to a greater supply of soil available nutrients, thus creating a favorable nutritional environment for intensive growth of Cabbage. In addition, among the CRF 3, 4 and 5 g/plant treatment plots, CRF 5g/plant treatment showed the highest result in the average Cabbage head weight and plant height in both locations.






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