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Chili pepper growth and yield performance when treated with Nousbo Controlled Release Fertilizer in Malaysia. Research summary



Chili pepper growth and yield performance when treated with Nousbo Controlled Release Fertilizer in Malaysia. Research summary



(Summary of the study of Nousbo CRF 21-6-10 efficacy on Chili pepper growth and yield performances in Malaysia)





Nousbo CRF 21-6-10 is fertilizer in the form of polymer-coated granules that can provide slow-release nutrients to plants throughout the growing season. CRF 21-6-10 was evaluated for its efficacy for Chili from March to July, 2019 in two locations in Malaysia with similar soil properties: MARDI Serdang and MARDI Cameron Highland, in order to determine the effect of Nousbo CRF on the growth and yield performances of Chili and to confirm the effective rate of CRF that will produce the highest yield.






(Chili farm)





For both two locations, the CRF 21-6-10 efficiency was tested using the following treatments: Control (without fertilizer), Recommended Rate of Conventional Fertilizer and CRF at 3, 4 and 5 g/plant application rates. Data for growth and development was recorded by assessment of the plant height at 61 days after transplanting and total yield per plant at harvest. The values of SPAD, which reflects the approximate nitrogen content, were gathered at 61 days after transplanting. Results are summarized in the following table.





Yield and growth parameters of Chili affected by various kinds of fertilizers in Serdang and Cameron Highland







Results showed that plants from all the plots treated with CRF were significantly taller than the plants treated with conventional fertilizer. Furthermore, the tallest plants were produced in plots treated with 5g/plant CRF and were taller than all the other treatments in both locations. SPAD values obtained in the Serdang experiment showed that CRF treated plants produced SPAD values higher than that of the plots treated with conventional fertilizer. Analysis of Chili yield revealed that CRF treatments of 4g/plant and 5g/plant had a yield advantage of 11.1% and 15.5%, respectively, over the conventional fertilizer-treated plots in Serdang. The same pattern was observed in the plants grown in Cameron Highland. Results show that application of 4 and 5g/plant of CRF in Cameron Highland was advantageous over conventional treated plots with a yield advantage of 12.1% and 16.6% respectively. The best yield plants in this experiment for both locations were obtained from plants treated with 4 and 5 grams/plant CRF.





Chili result comparison.JPG





One-time basal application of Nousbo CRF 21-6-10 significantly increased the supply of available nutrients in the soil, thereby creating an advantageous nutrient environment for intensive growth of Chili. Furthermore, among the plots treated with CRF 3, 4 and 5 g/plant, the treatment with CRF 5 g/plant showed the highest results for mean Chili weight, height and SPAD values in both locations.







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