Central Technology Research Institute

Based on the talented manpower and advanced technology, the Central Technology Research Institute has been endeavoring to develop the domestic fertilizer industry

The Central Technology Research Center of Nousbo strives to identify and find new research projects by understanding the domestic and overseas product development and research trends. In addition, we are trying to strengthen our ability to develop new products with the goal of maximizing our own research capabilities. Also, we do not hesitate to improve the quality of existing products in order to produce high-quality products that meet consumer needs. We always strive to provide the highest quality products through regular quality comparison tests.
Talented manpower and advanced technology
Research and Developement
The Central Technology Research Center of Nousbo is continuously studying the process and trying to find improvement in order to solve problems with raw material analysis and process analysis.

In addition, we will continue to research all fields of fertilizer such as improvement of fertilizer manufacturing technology, development of new process technology for globalization, development of new products, and research of advanced fertilizer technologies.
The Central Technology Research Center of Nousbo